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Start Date: 18 Jun 12 08:30, End Date: 19 Jun 12 22:00
Infrared Beamline Data Analysis Workshop

Please note:  All places have now been allocated for the full, 2-day workshop.  Places are still available for the lecture presentations on June 18.

This workshop will focus on data analysis and in particular on resonant Mie scattering (RMieS) correction. A RMieS correction algorithm based on extended multiplicative signal correction (EMSC) has been developed by Paul Bassan and Peter Gardner of Manchester University, UK and Achim Kohler of Nofima Mat, Norway in order to remove the baseline distortion in FTIR spectra, particularly in biological single cell spectra. This correction is now being increasingly used on spectra from both single cells and tissue sections. Paul Bassan will join the IR beamline team as workshop instructors.  

 The workshop will feature a series of lectures on the first day, providing background on aspects on data analysis for FTIR as well as data analysis using the new version of OPUS 7 software (which is now being commissioned and will be available to users for data analysis on our offline beamline PC). The second day of the workshop will be hands-on, working through tutorials on RMieS correction. We are pleased to announce that the tutorials will involve use of our high performance computing cluster, MASSIVE.   MASSIVE has been found to reduce the computation time for RMieS by 60-100 times when compared to a high-end desktop PC. The workshop will also serve as the launching platform for the use of MASSIVE as a remote resource for users and collaborators.

This workshop is aimed at current users of the IR beamline who have data to analyse and are concerned with sloping baselines in the spectra and/or would like to learn more about the best pre-processing routines to achieve optimal results.  Students and early researches are particularly encouraged to apply.  Prospective workshop attendees will be advised if their registration has been accepted in mid May.

There will be no charge for registered attendees and lunch, coffee breaks  and  a workshop dinner will be catered for.  Some travel and accommodation support will be available to interstate visitors and in particular students.  There will be limited number of places available based on various selection criteria . Attendees are expected to bring their own laptop to the workshop.

If you have any questions regarding the Workshop please contact Ljiljana Puskar.

Download the event flier here:

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9:00am Registration and Coffee  
10:00am Welcome Address and Australian Synchrotron Update

Andrew Peele 
Australian Synchrotron

10:15am MASSIVE: Multi-modal Australian Sciences Imaging and Visualisation Environment Wojtek Goscinski
Monash University
10:45am Keynote Speaker:  Resonant Mie Scattering Correction for FTIR Data:  Application to Cancer Diagnostics Paul Bassan
Manchester University
11:30am Discussion  
12:00pm Lunch  
1:00pm Invited Speaker:  Introducing OPUS 7.0 Andrew Bales
Bruker Optics
1:40pm RAIDAR Launch and Introduction:  Remote Access to Infrared Data Analysis Resource

Michael D'Silva

1:55pm RAIDAR Live:  Demonstration of RAIDAR on IR Beamline Data Using Several FTIR Data Analysis Programs
(OPUS 7, Cytospec and Unscrambler)
Mark Tobin
Australian Synchrotron
2:25pm Performing RMieS Correction on Synchrotron FTIR Data Using MASSIVE

Keith Bambery
Australian Synchrotron
Paul Bassan
Manchester University

3:30pm Afternoon Tea  
4:00pm Continued:  Performing RMieS Correction on Synchrotron FTIR Data Using MASSIVE  
5:00pm Workshop Concludes  


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