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Discover the amazing world of nuclear science from your classroom.

Connect with us by videoconference

Teachers can accrue NESA-registered professional development hours at the Proficient Teacher level for time spent planning and reflecting on all ANSTO e-learning programs. ANSTO provides four different programs for videoconferences to classrooms.

Nuclear science inquiry skills

In this two-lesson plus homework program, your students plan and conduct an investigation first-hand. Give your students access to high-quality radioactive sources, instruments, and scientific expertise at ANSTO.

Meet an expert

In this two-lesson plus homework program, students will gather, process and present information about a practicing Australian scientist.

HSC Chemistry and Physics revision

Students and teachers from multiple schools collaborate to study and revise senior syllabus dot points via videoconference.

Nuclear science as a human endeavour

In this two-lesson plus homework program, your students investigate nuclear medicine production and use, the function of ANSTO's OPAL reactor, and how we work safely with radiation.